UFC on FOX - Johnson vs. Reis (Fight Night Kansas City)

D. Johnson $9800 vs. Wilson Ries $6400

This fight was supposed to happen a while ago and it was put off until now, but here we go. DJ continues to be arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the UFC, but seems to remain king on Fight Night Cards. Very respected, but yet he just isn’t a huge draw for some odd reason. Anyway, as you can see by his price tag and Vegas lines he hasn’t flown under the radar by everyone. DJ is that guy who does something very rare in which I like to call, “Shifts on the Fly.” What I mean by this is that he has such good cage IQ that he changes and tailors his game plan while he is in the heat of battle. That shows you how mentally calm, stable, and aware he is while he is engaging. That is something that you cannot teach. It is very much like Peyton Manning calling his plays at the line. His ability to read the defense and make his adjustments on the fly is what made Peyton special. Now imagine doing what Peyton does while getting punched in the face and you only have a split second to do so. That should put into some perspective on how special DJ truly is. His style is predicated on Speed and his unpredictability from fight to fight. He has won 11 Fights in a row and 9 of them have been title defenses. 5 of those 11 wins have been by way of stoppage with a decent balance of submissions and KO’s. It is hard to predict how DJ will finish the fight because his ability to “Shift on the Fly” allows him to decide his paths as it starts unfolding.

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