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To all of the subscribers that have been with me for the past few years, I want to thank you for allowing me to do what I absolutely love to do. There is nothing better for me then to watch you all elevate your knowledge and DK play like you all have. For all the new people that have joined us in 2018, I would like to welcome you all to the family, and I am hoping to do the same for all of you as well. As you will soon come to find out, Our MMA family is much different than most. It feels like a family and not just a group of people reading articles and setting lineups. I have seen so many subs that have never watched MMA before grow through my education that I offer as well as take the baton and run with it doing their own research.  I really believe that the reason we have the largest MMA community by far is due to the fact that we give you real education that you can’t get from someone that maybe just started breaking MMA down since DraftKings launched it.

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