UFC Fight Night 106 with Labology
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 14:39

Ok Guys. Not a huge star power card but you have to expect that with a free event. To be quite honest the Free cards have been more entertaining than the PPV events. Maybe because we have such high expectations going into a pay per view and then we set ourselves up for a let down, but who knows. I can tell you this… You will need to be tricky here with your DK lineup this week. By no means will you be able to fit all the predicted fighters below unless you really bottom hunt and lay off the super high priced guys. At the bottom of the article I will list the Dog’s that have the best opportunity to win.  From a handicapping angle I would tread very lightly. This card is extremely unpredictable. You think last week was Volatile? This week is probably more Volatile. A lot of these are coin flips despite what the lines may say. My job here at Fantasy Guru Elite is not only to feed you the best insight but to also protect you when I know there is a lot of the unknown. So have fun but tread lightly with this one. Let’s start chopping wood.


Kelvin Gastelum $9500 (-380) vs. Vitor Belfort $6700 (+299)

KG was on the brink of eviction with his weight problems, but he seems to have accepted that he is much better suited as a middleweight. His last fight against Tim Kennedy seemed to be a breakout party for him, and if you don’t think the division took notice then think again. A win here can take his tail out of that #10 anchor position and put him into a serious mix moving forward.

 UFC 209
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, March 4, 2017 - 14:22

Well… Well… Well... My Elite Mafia Family… We meet again. Saturday’s have been turning into a night in which I feel we all meet in one place and watch the fights together. We share our highs and we share our lows with this amazing sport, but we do it together and that is something that I am very proud to be apart of. We have created a Voltron together and it isn’t the same without everyone of you linked to it. When I started writing for Fantasy Guru Elite I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. I always wondered if my years of knowledge would ever be utilized or would it just be buried behind the passion department of my brain. It has been an honor to spread my knowledge to all of you and I hope the #EliteMafia family grows to epic proportions in which I believe it will. I know sometimes my articles can be lengthy and long, but that is because I am not some guy that just watched this sport evolve in front of a TV. I see things from a live perspective. I understand the language of it all. I just don’t see punches, kicks, and submissions. I understand the tiny details that can make or break a matchup. Adrenaline dumps, weight cuts, gauging weight distribution, cage awareness, knowing the signs of a gassing fighter outside of “He looks tired,” and even reading the persons body language in a staredown to understand where they might be at that certain moment in time. The greatest experience for me was when I had someone fly in from New Mexico to stay with me to prepare their training and weight cut for the Abu Dabi. For those who don’t know, Abu Dabi is the most prestigious grappling tournament in the world. That is when I truly starting viewing the sport from a trainer’s perspective and I was truly bit by the science bug. So what I am trying to say is when I do these breakdowns I do this from a trainer’s perspective as I would that all 20 plus fighters on DK are my fighters and I break it down from there. I not only want you to be great DFS players but I truly want people to learn, love, and truly understand what your watching and what to look for. It is then that you will not only be better DFS players but you will look at the sport so much differently and If I can get just a few of you to get bit by the bug than my job is successful and fulfilled. I appreciate you guys and thank you for supporting me here at Fantasy Guru Elite. Lets grow the family and become a force that’s untouchable. In my efforts to break things down in detail I added a new element to this now. There are certain things that can be understood in words but sometimes when I watch film I see things that visually are easier absorbed, so now I take you through my eyes with some visuals of things I notice in film. Let’s get started shall we?

Confidence Level is now based on units to be cohesive with betting as well as DK.


  • .5 Units (50 dollars)
  • 1 Unit (100 Dollars)
  • 1.5 Units (150 Dollars)

2.0 Units (200 Dollars) also being the most confident.

 UFC Fight Night Halifax
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 12:22

Derrick Lewis ($8,100) (-115) vs. Travis Browne ($8,100) (+105)

I know what you are all saying here. “How in the hell is The Black Beast evenly priced with Browne”? Well let us go deeper and see the genetic code of this fight and see what conclusion we come up with here. It seems to me as if the post Joe Silva era is falling to the wayside slowly but surely, and the grooming of the future is being more pronounced lately in these fights. You can see a clear dialogue that the UFC is trying to trim the fat by setting up positional fights and condensing the story lines. What I mean by that is that their approach is trying to showcase the fighters they like by giving them other fighters that may be ranked or close to it, but may be on their way out. In turn, they are opening a 2-way door, allowing the showcased fighters to walk in and the less promising fighters to walk out. Way back when the fighters had their own image it was easier for the general fan to follow the sport.

 UFC Fight Night 208
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, February 11, 2017 - 12:20

Holly Holm ($8,000) vs. Germaine de Randamine ($8,200)

Holly Holm burst onto the scene after her historic KO win over Rhonda Rousey and just when we thought a new Terminator was born, her fall from grace was just as quick as her rise to stardom. Holly Holm has not won a fight since that legendary night, leaving people to wonder if it was just a night she was dialed into perfection or was Rousey really just not that good. Well, I would agree that Rousey wasn’t that good, but in the same breath I would defend Holm in saying she is much better than her recent landslide and she will have a chance to prove that against just as valiant of a striker in GDR. The 32 year old Netherlands native has a very impressive 37-0 Kickboxing record and has a highly regarded striking resume. Standing with either of these ladies can be a tall order for anyone on the opposite side of them. The question on Holly’s side is which Holly will we get this Saturday? Also, What will GDR look like against a major step up in competition? The thing that worries me about Holm is that she fights very emotionally and tends to get discouraged as the fight goes on if things aren’t going her way. I saw it in her face when Valentina had her back to the canvas during their scrap. It almost looked as if she was looking for someone to save her or give her some sort of answer. No matter what, she still loses with grace and class and does come back to fight. More than we can say about Rousey. To her credit, she was in fact beating Meisha Tate and was clearly on her way to a decision until Meisha gutted out a slick submission to take the belt from her. As far as her last loss against Valentina? Well, come on guys, it’s Valentina. Not many people can beat her. So if you look at the body of work in both of their last 3 fights the level of competition is far heavier on Holm’s resume. She also has much more 5-round experience in the cage considering GDR has never been 5 rounds. So the jury is still out on GDR in the championship rounds. It seems that the UFC still likes Holly because fighting for a belt coming off 2 straight losses is not given, it’s earned.

 UFC Fight Night 104
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 12:18

The Korean Zombie ($7,800) vs. Dennis Bermudez ($8,400)

The Korean Zombie is back and believe it or not I am super excited to see him fight again. This guy was such a suicide talent when he did fight. He was the first person to land “The Twister” in the UFC and he has no problem with just sitting in the pocket and banging until someone drops. His first fight against Garcia was epic, to the point I have no idea what was holding either of them up. The rematch was not as exciting but definitely a milestone when he landed the “The Twister.” Now, when I bring up that move, please understand that it is not so much the move itself, but its the fight IQ to even realize that an off-the-cuff move like that was even there. I can assure you that there are many times where “The Twister” has presented itself in play but fighters don’t even have that in their minds at that given point to realize it. TKZ saw the opening, started baiting it, and finished it. It really showed me that he thinks very well on the fly and has the confidence to be extremely creative.

Dennis Bermudez is a high octane “Menace.” He is all over you all the time. The problem with a fighter like him against a fighter like TKZ is that when you are a wrestler who is always looking for the takedown, you have to be extremely aware of all your limbs all the time. Bermudez has the most takedowns in his division and that is a very notable honor, yet a lot of the them tend to be high head outside double legs…and that, my friends, will expose your neck for the taking. Bermudez has to keep in his mind that TKZ is a well versed and creative enough to bait him and do it in a way that seems like it will play into the strength of Bermudez. Then suddenly he will find himself in a defensive survival mode quickly.

 UFC Fight Night - Denver
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 18:29

Ok Guys… A lot of Value here and NOONE should have any problems with setting multiple lineups with maybe even some money to spare. We had an amazing week to open the New Year, so what do you say we keep it rolling? #EliteMafia

Valentina Shevchenko ($8,400) vs. Juliana Pena ($7,800)

This fight really wasn’t that hard for me to break down, especially after I found one little leak in the cracks that swayed me in one direction…I’ll get to that shortly. Pena has been very vocal about her spot in the UFC. She feels she has been ducked and dodged by a few fighters in the recent past. Well, now she faces the stiffest test of her young career and she can be certain that Valentina will be bringing the heat early and often. Valentina is by far the more established striker here. I may even go as far as saying that she has the best striking in all of Women’s MMA. She doesn’t have heavy power but her damage comes from accumulative damage in volume.

 UFC Fight Night 103
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, January 14, 2017 - 17:00

Before we get into this breakdown I need to express something to my fellow Mafia members. Unlike other sports where you have many different options to hit the nuts, you really only have 24 options in most cases in MMA. So, one slip can ruin your roster. If I encourage to mix and match lineups in any sport it is this one. Don’t be mix and match on cards like this. These cards are total filler cards and can go either way. So, get creative and win some bread...

 UFC 207
Posted by Michael Iurato on Friday, December 30, 2016 - 16:43

Not a ton of value on this card, so keep in mind you may have to slot in a pick that may have been picked as a loss to fill in a gap. Some of these fights are so paper thin that you are in the same situation as everyone else. You can’t fit them all, so choose wisely. We got to give a little to get on this card. Chances are, if you have a possible flier on your slate the rest of the world does as well. However, that flier may just bring you all the money if it hits. It’s the fight game and anything can happen. Let’s get to it! Ding… Ding…

 UFC Fight Night: Sacramento
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, December 17, 2016 - 13:08

HERE… WE… GO! It’s time y'all. Some good fights and some decent value as well. Remember guys, be creative and don’t just use the bottom of the sheet and set lineups. Read the article and plug and play. Be creative, especially in GPP. Now go win some money and...

 UFC 206
Posted by Michael Iurato on Saturday, December 10, 2016 - 14:08

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