MLB DG: Auctions: The Next Challenge

Auctions are fun. They challenge the mind, keep you on your toes, and more importantly, they allow you to roster whomever you want. Think of it. In a snake draft if you have the 9th pick you will never be able to roster Mike Trout or Jose Altuve. However, in an auction, you can roster both men if you want. That’s exciting. You’re able to build the team however you want. You can pile up big name stars. You can fill your roster with a bunch of really good players. You can spend a little, or a lot, on your starting pitchers. The auction is the next challenge to take on if you’re looking for that next thing in 2018. If you’re already an auction pro, perhaps you can glean some tips from what is listed below to help you out on your road to auction dominance.

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