MLB DG: Either/Or: Understanding Player Value

Perception is reality, and in the fantasy world there’s an early coalescence of those views in the form of ADP. After a bit of time, we seem to “know” how players should be ranked and therefore drafted. Folks then become locked into the way they view players, and they become extremely leery of deviating from those ADP rankings, as if the baseball community is all knowing, inerrant and omniscient. Folks, we ain’t. Below, you will find a series of A or B type choices with players at the same position. I will list the ADP numbers (courtesy of the NFBC), then relay the results from the polls that were run on my Twitter account (@baseballguys). As you will see, there is a strong preference, in most instances, for the higher-ranked ADP player. I’ll point out why you might be making a mistake taking the more expensive player on draft day. *NOTE: ADP totals are as of February 5th

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