MLB DG: Handling FAAB and Working Waivers

Dinosaurs are extinct.

Britney Spears can no longer dance.

There are electric cars.

We’re in year 2018, yet some folks treat their baseball leagues as if it’s still 1980. There’s no place that this is seen more directly then when talking about how leagues handle the waiver-wire. This is a topic I’ve written about going all the way back to 2007 (yes, I found a FAAB article from that year on my computer, though I’m positive I wrote about it before that date too). There are many ways to handle how you add players to your roster off the waiver-wire. To me, there is only one way that makes sense to run your waiver-wire. I’ll get to that shortly, though if you read the title of this article you already know what format I will be supporting.

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