MLB DG: How are Points Leagues Different?

In roto leagues we need to fill individual categories. We need to find guys for homers, steals, saves and strikeouts etc. Therefore, we do a delicate dance matching together projected player talents with the needs of our club in certain categories. Some folks like that challenge, others don’t. For those looking for a different way to play the fantasy game, some would argue in a more comprehensive way, there’s the points league setup.


Simply, a points league awards you points for what happens on the field. Much like in fantasy football, we aren’t concerned directly with whether a guy scores a touchdown or catches six passes. All we are concerned with is the production. A points league in fantasy baseball does the same thing – it’s only concerned with the overall production of the player, not his performance in specific categories. You will hear folks make the argument, a defensible one mind you, that points leagues are more “accurate” in their representation of the value of a player because it is taking into account way more factors of performance than is in a traditional 5x5 leagues (it even dings players for negative performance).

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