2019 Masters: Player Rankings



How much time do you spend doing golf research during the week of a Major for DraftKings or betting? I know every time a major comes around, I spend SOOOOO much time doing research to make sure I am prepared for one of the biggest weeks of the year. Well, I’m here to help you out this week by providing my personal rankings for the Masters, complete with some stats that will help you this week, whether it’s in DFS, betting, or your office pools.

Before I go into the rankings, I feel like I should provide a little background on myself:  I have been in the fantasy golf industry for several years (you can follow me on Twitter @friedeggpaulie). This past year, I took up the position of Director of Golf Betting over at Elite Sports Network. It’s my job to provide content and bets each week while teaching users how to become profitable golf bettors. Betting on golf is my full-time job, so I spend hours and hours each week researching and watching every Tour imaginable. By doing that, I have a deep understanding of all of the professional golfers in a field each week.

We know Majors are different than normal tour events:  The fields are super strong, and each player has been working all year to try to “peak” over these four days. That being said, past experience/success in Majors is often a key predictor of success in future Majors, especially the Masters. So, for each player below, I have shared the following data with you:

  • OWGR: Official World Golf Ranking (as of Thursday, 4/4/19)
  • Best 2019: Best worldwide finish in 2019 (through the WGC-Dell Match Play)
  • 2018 Majors: 2018 Major results
  • Notable Masters Finishes: Notable finishes in previous Masters
  • Masters Cuts: Cut results in previous Masters
  • Best Major: Best result in previous Majors
  • Major Cuts: Cut results in previous Majors


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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter @friedeggpaulie.


Now, let’s dive into the rankings, which I have broken down into 5 tiers:

  • Studs (1-9)
  • Contenders (10-22)
  • Middle of the Pack (23-40)
  • Pretenders (41-63)
  • Just Trying to Make the Cut (64-86)


STUDS (1-9)

1 Rory McIlroy

  • OWGR: 3
  • Best 2019: Win (Players Championship)
  • 2018 Majors: 5, MC, 2, 50
  • Notable Masters Finishes: 4TH (2015), Top 10 last...

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