Ray's Ramblings: What Went Right in 2017

There’s an article in this Guide about what I screwed up last year. Yes, I did make plenty of mistakes which I learned from. But you know me, or if you don’t you should know, that I’m capable of admitting my faults while extorting my successes. What follows are some of the correct calls that were made in the 2016 Draft Guide. There were so many.

*Italics/bold are quotes from last year’s Draft Guide.



“Jake Arrieta should be fine in 2017. No worries with him despite what you’ve read above, that is unless you are planning on him being an outright ace. I would just ask you to be reasonable with your expectations since “acedom” isn’t a lock with the Cubs’ righty. The trends are virtually all moving in the wrong direction with Arrieta, and with that level of concern banking on him as a sure-fire top-10 starting pitcher is a risky position to hold.”

Arrieta won 14 games with a 3.53 ERA and 1.22 WHIP. He struck out 163 batters in 168.1 innings and failed to remotely approach “acedom.”

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