Ray's Ramblings: What Went Wrong in 2017



I like to think I’m always right. Of course, that’s not true. I’m close, but not perfect. Better than most? Better than some? I’m not sure. Here are some of the calls I made in the 2016 Draft Guide that simply didn’t work out as planned.

*Italics/bold are quotes from last year’s Draft Guide. Let’s look back at the incorrect calls of last season and try to figure out why we missed. And by “we” I mean me.


*Note: You can personally suggest that players that were hurt last year were busts, and that’s fair. At the same time, I’m not going to talk about injured players like Aaron Sanchez, Drew Smyly or Greg Bird because there simply wasn’t enough in-season data to make the call that they were a performance failure.

“Andrew Benintendi... Though the ball jumps off his bat he’s likely to settle in as a 15-20 homer bat who doesn’t own the pop to hit 30... He’s fast, but he’s way more likely to steal 15-20 bases than 30... It would all have to come together for Andrew to go 15/15 this season, and that seems to be the floor of expectations for most.”

  • He hit 20 homers, so I was right about the upside.
  • He stole 20 bases, so I was right about the upside.
  • The problem is, when you go 20/20 with 90 RBI and 84 runs scored you are a fantasy star. The only disappointing number was his .271 batting average, but it certainly wasn’t a negative. Regardless, he fulfilled expectations, at least the reasonable ones, though he was oddly overlooked by some folks who apparently expected even more despite what was an excellent rookie season.

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