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  • Make sure to follow @GEArticleUpdate on Twitter and turn on notifications, it sweeps the page and sends out notifications if articles change every 5-10 mins (thank RNEU in chat),  My picks usually come out around 6:30p-6:40p for the 7pm games, and then within 30 minutes of first pitch for night games. @MLBModel and others will usually have their picks out REALLY early to get the best lines they can. Rob posts daily before 9am before the market moves.  It is just a different styles. They want value on all their lines (which everyone does), whereas I spend all day digging for bits and pieces of info before I make my plays.  Rob and them have computers which calculate their edges while I am more of an old school "lemme dig in til the buzzer" type of guy. Different strokes for different folks. Bottom line is we all kill the books, with all different styles, so get in where you fit in. Check the records in the articles!

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