Tommy G's DFS Journey


Tommy has been playing fantasy sports since 1996, back when everything was done by hand out of the newspaper, and his love of sports was always something he wished he could turn into a career. He went to college for Finance and parlayed his degree into a Wall Street job, which he then left to begin a 12-year journey as a professional day trader.  His trading prowess enabled him to land a job at the largest trading education school in the world, where Tommy began to teach others the skills he had acquired over the years, and this is where he discovered his passion for educating and helping others reach their financial goals. In 2012, a friend of his, Ryan Cohen, introduced him to “these new daily fantasy games” on a site called FanDuel, and it was all downhill from there. Tommy soon realized that he could combine his love of risk, sports and analysis into one venture and immediately became a force to be reckoned with, locking in the maximum of 3 spots in one of the most prestigious FanDuel tournaments, the Elite 100, just weeks after playing his first game!  

He had the foresight to realize that this was going to be a booming industry and wanted more than to be just a player, so he did the unthinkable….

Tommy knew he needed to make a name in the industry and this tournament was going to have a lot of eyeballs on it, so to make a name for himself and build a following, he announced that if he won over $5,000 in this Elite 100, he would donate $500 of it back to the industry in the form of a free roll, where smaller players could play for his money.  This was never before done in the industry, and after hitting for more than double that in the tournament, the first ever Tommy G Invitational was launched by FanDuel.  So many people tried to enter the freeroll that it LITERALLY crashed Fanduel’s site for 20 minutes: the “Tommy G Legend” had been born.

Tommy went on to become more than just a player, but a cult hero in the industry, becoming almost as well known for his dominance and brashness in the chatrooms, social media, drinking and partying at live finals, as for his epic performance as a player which caused him to rise to the top of the DFS player food chain. Just months after signing up for FanDuel, Tommy qualified for the largest live final in the history of the DFS industry and it was there where he got a chance to meet, network and party with all the biggest names in the space. In patented Tommy G fashion, he knew this would be an opportunity he had to capitalize on, so he arrived to Las Vegas a day early and invited the whole entire FanDuel staff to a club in Las Vegas, where he partied with them at a VIP table til the wee hours of the morning and picked up the whole $3,000 tab. By the time the rest of the industry arrived in Las Vegas, word got around and the legend grew.  Probably the most important meeting of the weekend was when Tommy was interviewed by Dan Back, who was undoubtedly “The voice” of the industry. Dan was the face of RotoGrinders, which was far and away the leader in the industry, and after being intrigued with Tommy, he asked him if he had any interest with working for RG and doing some live shows. Of course without skipping a beat, Tommy accepted.  

Before his first live show, Tommy pondered a way to build his brand even further and capitalize on this opportunity, and again, he did the unthinkable…..

In an industry mostly comprised of data geeks and young kids, Tommy was “The cool kid at the nerd table,” to use his quote from the Living the Fantasy movie, and he exploited this approach every chance he got. Whereas most people go on their first live show and play it safe, Tommy decided to use his same “boom or bust” approach that he used in DFS to make a splash. At the tail end of his show with Peter Jennings, Tommy decided to have his model girlfriend come out and model multiple bikinis for the few hundred DFSers who had tuned into the show. As you can imagine, the DFS world exploded. Tommy managed to turn an informative, educational daily fantasy show, into soft-core porn in a matter of minutes, and the whole industry BEGGED FOR MORE! RG then not only brought Tommy on full time, but along with a few others, he became the face of GrindersLive, hosting all the main shows along with Peter Jennings and Al Zeidenfeld, and doing them all with a beer in his hand, and curses flowing from his mouth. He was the Howard Stern of DFS, and his shows shattered viewership records.


As the industry, Tommy and RG grew, an emphasis on tact and class were beginning to be enforced in the RG code of conduct. After multiple discussions, arguments and warnings about making the shows more PG, Tommy and RotoGrinders decided it was in both parties best interest that they part ways. Rumors started to spread that Tommy was fired for cursing off the founder, that RG wanted to disassociate with his madness and let him go, that Tommy quit and refused to sell out; but although all of those may have had a bit of truth to them, none of them were accurate. After explaining to Tommy that RG was attempting to lock in some big sponsors who may not sign off on the cursing and escapades, both sides had a very respectful sit down in Las Vegas and decided that there was no happy medium and it was best if they parted ways, and then the 3 of them proceeded to the nightclub to party together.  To this day there remains zero tension between the two sides, and Tommy as recently as last week was out to dinner with Cal Spears (Founder) and Dan Back (his media mentor) joking and laughing and reminiscing about the times they spent working together.

THE NEXT MOVE….2014-15

After remaining a “free agent” for a few months and spending the majority of his time doing guest spots on SiriusXM Fantasy, Tommy decided it was time to spread his wings and break outside the DFS community and hit a new audience. came calling and wanted to start a fantasy sports site, and Tommy and Dr. Roto joined forces to become the faces of Scout for the next 2 years. Tommy built the daily fantasy division from 0 members up to thousands of rabid #ScoutArmy paid subscribers. He and Dr Roto landed a slot on the SiriusXM Fantasy channel, and after just SIX SHOWS, won a nomination for the FSWA Fantasy Sports Radio Show of the Year.  The success of their Sunday night show during football season then landed them a 5-night-a-week gig for all of 2015 where they dominated the after-hours time-slot from midnight until 2am, building an army of maniacal fans and callers.


At the end of 2015 Tommy was given an opportunity to co-host the FanDuel Daily show at drive time from 5-6 with good friend Jeff Mans. This was the first time a DFS site had sponsored a SXM show, and Tommy & Jeff brought this show to the top of the mountain, winning the 2015 Radio Show of the Year Award.  The Scout Fantasy midnight show was also nominated as one of 3 finalists, giving Tommy 2 of the 3 top shows on the channel in 2015.  By January of 2016 the Scout show was moved to drive time (9am-11am) and Tommy and Jeff remained on from 5pm-6pm which meant that listeners spent every waking hour in traffic listening to Tommy G drop knowledge. In the middle of 2016, when Tommy’s contract was up with Scout, he decided to embark on a new journey and join forces with the baddest dude in the fantasy space, John Hansen. Tommy and good friend Kevin Adams (@MagicSportsGuy and DFS content provider for in 2015) joined up and started a company of which they are cofounders and are now building a team of gurus in every sport, to bring the most hard-hitting DFS content in the industry: Tommy has decided to take some time off radio during this launch process to focus on articles, cheat sheets, uncensored podcasts and videos for the GuruElite subscribers for the remainder of the year.  


After qualifying for every major MLB final (Fanduel Playboy Mansion, Fanduel 1.5 million dollar Nashville Final, Draftkings’ 4 million dollar Toronto Final and the upcoming Draftkings 500,000 dollar bracket challenge), on top of hitting for $162,000 in a 2-week span in early August, Tommy G was comin’ in hot!  The 2017 MLB season has been the first season in 5 years where Tommy no longer had the responsibilities of his 9-5 job as a stock trading consultant and the results speak for themselves.  Now that his full time job is providing content and playing DFS Tommy has propelled himsel ot the top of the industry, becoming the ONLY PERSON in all of DFS to secure the maximum amount of entries in the Draftkings and Fanduel live finals (5 and 3 respectively) and has amassed 100's of thousanda in NET winnings this MLB season, while finishing off the season with a $133,500 hit at the Draftkings live final.  Tommy is no longer just the industry bad boy who can bang with the big boys and never backs down to a challenge.......he is now the Godfather of the DFS industry.


After solidifying himself as the most dominant MLB player in the country in 2017, Tommy kicked in the door to start the NFL season.  First, he and Michael Rapaport started a weekly draftkings podcast on the Barstool Sports network and Itunes, then just 3 weeks into the season Tommy knoced down $183,000 hit on a Sunday in NFL.  After multiple 40,000 weeks between then and week 13, Tommy headed to both major Draftkings finals, qualifying for the King of The Beach tournament in Key West, where he took down 8th place and another $20,000, then headed to Miami for the Draftkings 12 million dollar final.  The Godfather didn't disappoint, finishing in 7th place and banging out a $200,000 score to wrap up qualifying season.  When asked what he thought of the big hit he responded with "It's what I do."  Tommy will be dabbling in NBA, MMA, NHL, NASCAR and PGA for the next few months as he always does, but January-March is a time Tommy plays much lighter on the DFS sites.  These 3 months are the time where he ramps up his Futures trading of Bitcoin and the SP500, tends to all the macro needs of to set the company up for the new year and then by March it is time to start studying up for MLB.  GuruElite subscribers will be able to access all Tommy’s MLB and NFL content daily at, so get on board now! If you would like to see how the subscribers have faired so far, use the hashtag #EliteMafia on twitter and check out the insane ROI's the subscribers have seen recently.  In the Words of Mr. G, Good Luck and Stay Cashin’!