Understanding Game Theory in MLB DFS

This is an article I wrote two years ago while I was working at Rotocurve. It is about game theory in MLB DFS. I made some adjustments to it and also wrote a follow-up piece about how different levels of players can use game theory to their advantage. That article really does not make much sense unless you read the original piece, so here is that piece...

The words “game theory” are mentioned so frequently in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) that the average new player must think everyone in the industry has a PhD in economics. You do not need a higher level degree in order to understand it. You do not even need to understand it in order to apply it. It does help to know what Game Theory is if you want to apply it correctly though. That is what I am going to do teach you here.

Game Theory is a rather complex idea. It studies the science behind how people make strategic decisions. In plain English, Game Theory dictates what actions each player should take to produce the best possible results for themselves. In DFS terms, this means Game Theory is what we should be using to decide who to roster (actions we take) in order to win the most money (best possible result). If that sounds like something you would be interesting in learning, feel free to read on.

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